About Us
About Our Business

The Lord gave me the vision in 1993. To try to prevent or
help others with the same past as me, Or to prevent others
for having the same past has me. Children need things to
do somewhere to go. Its keeps them out of trouble. The
Lord one day provided me with a place to go beside the
streets and it help me tell the difference. My grandmother
use to say a idle mind is the devil playground and she told
the truth. I had nothing to do but get into trouble, until Holy
angels came and it gave me a place to be and not on the
street to get raped and shot at. Then it closed and I was
back in trouble.  I want to know be that place for children to
go with positive people around. One day feed the hungry,
cloth the naked, help the poor. Down below Jesus Gear
and Purity help offset the cost for helping hurting people.
God Bless
Services We Provide
We are a safe Haven for children to get off the
street. We have 2 Praise dance groups. We  
put on plays sometime for the community.
Not Forgotten- Safe Haven for children, Adults, classes &
programs for little or no cost
Jesus Gear- Ministry through clothing & Furniture
Purity -  Natural soap for people with eczema  or psoriasis.
Anointed Soaps offered also